Goal: My goal is to teach people about bullying and get the message out in hopes to prevent bullying in the future.

Blog #1: My point of view

There is nothing okay with bullying. In our world today bullying has been growing rapidly in the fact that their are more victims than compared to in the past. I chose this topic in order to try and help stop bullying by making people more aware of the issue and just how bad it can get.
I know that trying to stop bullying is not something that can just happen over night but I hope that I will some how be able to make a difference in this very big issue. I think the reason bullying has been becoming more relevant is due to our technology that we have adapted to today. Since our technology allows us not to deal with people face to face they think that a computer or a phone screen gives them the right to send mean things to people because it gives them more "courage". But along with the bully sending mean things they don't see how it actually affects the victim; how it tears them down, makes them cry, start to believe the mean things that are being said are true, sometimes it even leads to suicide. This could all be stopped if kids learned the truth about bullying.

Blog #2 Most people don't realize how messed up this world is.

As a teenager you face a lot of stress and decisions you have to deal with. Most of it relating to school and friends. Friendships in your teen years will obviously change a lot; whether it’s due to a stupid fight or because you just grew apart-they will change. I understand that it’s difficult to go through and that your parents are the only ones who will be on yourbully-pic-2-GettyImages_200181253-001[1].jpg side, but they should not join into the fight. In this situation the mother not only joined in the fight but she also encouraged others to join in. The mother made up a fake MySpace to antagonize the young teenager who no longer wanted to be friends with her daughter. With all the mean comments that were made to the young teenager she eventually committed suicide. I don’t think you can stoop any lower than this as an adult mother.

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Blog #3 Born this way

Lady GaGa is an inspiration to all. With all of the interesting outfits and from all the top-hits she has had she has now created the "Born this way foundation. It was inspired by personal experiences with bullying and she has now been trying to get the message across to her fans that bullying is not okay. She wants everyone to be themselves and that everyone is born beautiful.

The The mission of the Born This Way Foundation is based on 3 pillars: Safety, Skills, and Opportunity. Lady GaGa believes that these three things will create a braver, kinder world. This site is to empower young teens to join the movement by blogging, sharing stories, donating, or even adding pictures. Another way Lady GaGa is trying to get the message out is by having a "Born This Way" bus that travels with her to all her concerts; she is doing a lot with social media because that is what teenagers live by this day and how they get involved.

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Blog #4 Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights

In the state of New Jersey has created a new Anit-Bullying law. It is now known as the toughest law against bullying in the nation; some even think the new law is being taken too far. Some of the requirements of the Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights law is that schools that they must have and "Anti-Bullying Coordinator", Employees of schools have to go through training sessions to learn how to deal with bullying within the school, students even have to go through six class sessions learning bullying2_lg[1].jpgbetween tattling and telling. Some people disagree with all the requirements of the law because they think that it is too much and is going overboard; they are afraid kids will not be able to confront others by dealing with conflict and solving problems on their own, and instead think every fight will be involved with some form of bullying. I think that this law will save many kids from being a victim instead of learning the hard way in life. This law can be the start of a new society that is some-what bully free. I understand that bullying will never fully go away but I hope this law will have teach prevention and soon spread to other states.

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Blog #5 In every way,shape, or form- there's bullying.

Bullying can occur in many different ways; some forms may even not be obvious to you at the time. One of the most obvious forms of bullying is physical. Physical bullying is when the bully uses harmful actions against the victims. Some examples are: punching, kicking, tripping, pulling hair, it also include2[1].jpgs stealing or damaging another person’s property as well. The next two forms of bullying are not as obvious as the first; the next two are verbal and emotional. Verbal bullying is speaking to a person in a hurtful way which includes teasing, put-downs, phone calls, and also spreading rumors. Emotional bullying is more deceiving by trying to embarrass or upset the victim, examples are cyber bullying, threats, social humiliation, and mean notes. Another form of bullying is sexual bullying which is when you single a person out based on their gender or unwanted sexual behavior. Examples of sexual bullying include sexual comments, unwanted physical contact, or abusive comments. The last form of bullying is racial bullying due to a person’s ethnicity. Racial slurs, comments, hand gestures, making fun of the race all goes under this category.
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Blog #6 CyberBullying is taking over.

As a teenager we know that texting, facebook, twitter, and every other form of technology that we now communicate through has become very popular, for some of us it's what our lives are based on. You can pretty much learn anything you want about a person's life through these sites. Along with these
external image 55342459.jpg
sites and texting you can communicate with one another. People have found that this way of communication is much easier to "say how you really feel" to someone and not saying it to their face. This has lead to one of the new and upcoming term known as cyberbullying. Cyberbullying is when a child is harassed, threatened, humiliated, targeted, and tormented through the internet or text messages. In the case of cyberbullying the events most often occur more than once and lead to horrible results of the victim, including suicide.

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Blog #7 Guilderland High School gets a visitor

Last year on May 18th, 2011John Halligan came to Guilderland High School to talk to us about cyber bullying. He was the father of Ryan Halligan, his son took his life on October 7th, 2003- he was in eighth grade. As some of you may remember his story was very emotional, as it should be, he lost his son due to a bully. I feel like Mr. Halligan made us feel as if we knew Ryan; almost as if we were friends, just so we could relate to how he felt. I think that emotion is very important in order to capture the listener and really make us focus in and try to pay attention to the issue at hand. Mr. Halligan did a great job at that, he really had our high school in deep thought about what he was saying, to the point where everyone was in tears. I'm glad he came to speak to us, we needed that. With the way bullying has increased it's really an eye opener to some as to how it can affect other and why it is such a big issue to teenagers today.

"Ryan's Story." Ryan's Story Presentation. Web. 22 May 2012. <http://www.ryanpatrickhalligan.org/index.htm>.

Blog #8 The start of a movement

After researching my topic for a great deal of amount of time now I still feel the same; bullying must be stopped. I believe that everyone should be able to live how they want and be who they want to be. I think by reading up on my topic it made me realize even more of what an issue it was and still becoming. After reading many bullying stories that it really makes you feel something; even if you may have never had a hands on experience with bullying; if you have, know that you are not alone in this horrible problem society faces today. Doing this project has inspired me to try and get the message out even more to people of ways it can be controlled and that the number of victims will decrease. I hope that after reading my blogs on my topic that you will feel empowered to join me in the movement.