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Athletes deserve to be paid
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It's about time we give out some money
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Future predictions... How it should be
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Getting statistical
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Goal: For people to realize some athletes need "pay to play" salaries in their college careers and that it'll influence more kids to go to college and will be a use of motivation as well.

We owe it to our athletes... Providing America entertainment and the NCAA huge revenue.

Blog #1: Athletes deserve to be paid
Many of the student-athletes of America would love getting paid in college to play a varsity sport... Wouldn't you? Wouldn't that motivate you to become a better player and even a better student? So that you can have the opportunity of feeling like your a professional athlete of having a yearly salary instead of just receiving scholarship money and academic money.This wouldn't just change people it would change college sports. More high school stars would attend colleges to receive an education and play a sport instead of skipping college and going straight to the pros. As a baseball player i know that there's many high school baseball players who skip college to receive a contract for a professional team. I believe that if college players could legally be payed to play that the mindset of many athletes would and that change is for the better of America.

Blog #2: It's about time we give out some money
I found an article on the times union website titled: "Lets start paying college athletes" and to me its right... Don't you think its about time we spend some money on our athletes. Think about the average college athlete living the average life. Their parents are already spending enough money on their college even with college funds, but during the years of the college life what money are they going to have to spend? They pretty much already have a full time job which includes all the working out, training, practicing and games they do and play for the sport they participate in... There isn't enough time for another job. You would think that the NCAA has some money to give out to great athletes especially if there is $53.4 million being spent on college coaches in 2011 as stated in the article. Mark Emmert the president of the NCAA imposed a rule that every division 1 athlete must be payed at least $2,000 stipend. Even though this rule was imposed 125 university's said "we cant afford it" and therefore overrode that rule. This rule simply just did not work. What else is there to do? Commercial enterprises for universities and sports create up to 6 billion dollars in revenue annually. Where else is all this money truly being spent is the huge question. There must be enough money for the NCAA to impose a rule and goal of many athletes "to be paid to play"
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Blog #3: "Benefits"
I found another article on the sports illustrated website. Its titled: "Should college athletes be paid? Why, they already are." This article talks about why some college athletes are somewhat being paid. There's been many recruiting violations in the past. Universities creating organizations called "3rd parties" what they do is the coach for a sport of the college or university will contact this party secretly when they have a top recruit. This 3rd party will secretly spend money on the recruit and offer many different luxuries including cars to even sometimes just a lot of money. This is what most coaches get caught with is the fact they are using almost like a secret service to influence recruits to attend their university using bribes. There's also been many cases of academic fraud included into the equation. Seth Davis who wrote this article truly believes college athletes are already somewhat being payed and yes some of them may already be being paid illegally. But Mr. Davis don't you think if we legalized paying players it would decrease the amount of these 3rd parties and academic frauds? As a matter of fact yes it would.
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Mark Emmert President of the NCAA

Blog #4: Future predictions...How it should be
ESPN has been following stories about this sort of topic for over 15 years now. Today i found a great article by: Michael Wilbon. This article is titled "College athletes deserve to be paid" i have read this article and I believe you should as well. Its exactly what I believe in and not just me many other Americans do as well. As Mr. Wilbon says in the article "how could anybody stand on principal and argue against paying the people who make the events possible in the first place?." This is exactly right... Our athletes of America deserve to be paid. They make our entertainment. We love watching sports and people have to realize that the athletes in our world make our entertainment possible. They simply deserve to be paid. In this article it also brings up the issue of not being able to "pay to play" for every sport. Yes I think that's a huge issue and to be honest I don't think its possible to pay athletes for every sport women sports and men a well. I truly believe that if the NCAA were to pass this rule that football would have the most money spent on and then i think it would trickle down to baseball, lacrosse etc. I believe we are able to bring more college athletes into universities to allow them to earn an education instead of going straight to receiving a contract for the professional level. This quote bothers me though "I'm interested in seeing the people who produce the revenue share a teeny, tiny slice of it. That's right, football and mens basketball players get paid; lacrosse, field hockey, softball, baseball, soccer players get nothing."
Yes i know all of you reading this know I'm a high school baseball player but really Mr.Wilbon? Your saying we would only expand this rule to two sports... Football and basketball. Yes I know those two sports reel in the most revenue of them all but at least expand it to some other sports as well. Does the NCAA want more athletes to be successful in their life's being educated at the finest colleges and universities?... Being able to apply themselves to the best opportunities they can receive as possible. Ive been around many athletes my whole life, my life has evolved around sports and school. What I'm trying to get at is athletes are hard workers... They make the best out of the opportunities they get, not just on the field but in school and in life. That's how we are trained to be the best we can be. Now this ESPN guy is saying they would limit the amount of people that would receive "pay to play" benefits. That's not right... It needs to be expanded as far as it can be allowing the NCAA enough money to pay for everything they need to pay for. That's what I believe.
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Blog #5: Getting statistical
After reading a certain article titled "should college players get paid?" This article talks about a study done on how valuable these athletes are. It shows that they are very important... Well obviously right? I mean without us there wouldn't be an NCAA. The study is actually very useful though and this is why I'm using it in my blog because it doesn't just say athletes are valuable it gives an actual dollar amount on how valuable each kind of athlete is. The average football player is worth more than $120,000 to their big time college and also basketball players have a market value of over $265,000. It also states that "Despite the fact that these athletes generate millions of dollars in revenue for their schools, many are living below the federal poverty line and that forces athletes to get paid under-the-table." Exactly what i said before. The reason why so many coaches are getting caught with recruiting violations and simply just giving recruits extra benefits that are illegal are because that's the only way they can receive those recruits. Many athletes are poor and need that extra money in college to go around with so some coaches will give them money because they almost really don't have a choice but to give the special athlete benefits. This doesn't make sense because the NCAA has these rules but yet almost makes you break them in a way?... To me that's very contradicting especially when the NCAA is a professional organization that has been around for many years.
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The NCAA forces coaches and universities to break some rules.

Blog #6: Critic
Duncan Currie writer for national review online is a big critic of college players getting paid. He states that "What part of ‘student-athlete’ don’t you understand? Turning these kids into de facto salaried professionals would irrevocably transform college sports, make a further mockery of the ‘academic mission’ that schools claim to be pursuing, and exacerbate corruption."
Mr. Currie yes this would change a lot about college sports but think about how many more high school athletes would push and work harder to get to college sports to be able to get paid so they can survive and live their dreams of getting a great education and playing the game they've been playing their whole life that they love. Sports is what pushes the student-athletes of America not money. Giving them these benefits is what is needed to be done because many athletes need it to stay on track. We all know that not many division 1 programs produce positive revenues but that's what booster clubs are for. No matter how many stats this guy talks about for how no schools are producing positive revenues for their sport programs... That doesn't matter that's why theirs booster clubs sir. To help raise money so they can still support programs. He thinks things would change too much in the NCAA yes things would change but for the better.
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Some players living in rough times need the extra money for college.

Blog #7: Still debating
In my blog there's been a lot of debating whether or not this is the right thing for the NCAA and if its right for most aspects of it. To me it is mostly because it provides more of a motivation for high school kids to get better and to do better in school. With more athletes comes more money or revenue for the NCAA. Illinois representative of the NCAA said this at a round table discussion about the NCAA "a systemic, ongoing, prolonged abuse of thousands and thousands of innocent young men and women who are only trying to make a life for themselves and live the American dream" if the NCAA wants their athletes to live the American dream and to make a life of themselves they need benefits that are actually legal. Everyone will eventually once in their life's will need some kind of benefit to live the American dream and to make a life for themselves as stated by an NCAA representative. It makes me mad that they state these quotes but still decide not to pay players to come and earn that dream that they can . Trust me its a necessity to some players living in the poor.
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Blog #8: Final Words
I'm an athlete... One of many in America. Theirs some athletes in America who have great talent but struggle through life and school because they may just live in a bad environment or are living very poorly. I know many people who are living like this but i'm sure i haven't seen the worst of it. The NCAA's goal is to help these kids once they get to college to live the American dream and to provide education for their future. I truly believe paying players to play will increase the amount of enrolling student-athlete's of America. Its as simple as having more motivation as a high school kid... To get paid in college to play the sport you love and to receive an education you deserve... That's what America is about giving people the best opportunity they can get.
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