Goal: Ideally, if I had a large enough audience, my goal would be to influence the legislative process to prevent any special treatment to religions. In reality, however, my audience lacks political power, and my project is not likely to influence anyone's opinions. Thus, my goal is to better educate myself, and my peers about the subject of religion, and its influence on politics.

Entry I
Greetings, reader. I'd like to begin by stating what my topic is. It's religion, and its influence on every aspect of politics. I'd like to continue by describing exactly what I mean by this, and generally writing standard introduction stuff.
I am a liberal, I'll say that right off the bat. however, I am of the opinion that the more extreme viewpoints, on either side, are not the best way to go, and creating a vast ideological chasm between two parties will destroy the country.
I am also of the opinion that religious opinions or values should not be forced on others, through the creation of laws, funding or not funding something, or any other way. Religions should not be suppressed, or repressed. Religion should have no influence on elections. People should not be denied things because of the views of a religion that is not their own, nor should people be granted things, nor exempted from things, because of their views, or even the views of others.

Entry II
Greetings once again to ye who read this. I now have an article for you to read. It's a little outdated, but still entirely relevant. Have you read it? Well, go read it. Okay, now that you've read it, remember what Rick Santorum said there? About how Kennedy said that only people of "nonfaith" can be elected officials. Really now, Mr.Santorum? Did you read the speech? He wasn't saying that a religious man couldn't be elected, he was saying that that man should not be elected or not elected based on his religion. Also, I do not see, Mr. Santorum, how "the idea that the church can have no influence or no involvement in the operation of the state is absolutely antithetical to the objectives and vision of our country.” Mr. Santorum, what do you think they meant by separation of "church and state"? Well, I'll give you a hint. They wanted the church to have no influence and no involvement in the operation of the state.

Entry III
Greetings a third time. Now, I know we're supposed to have news articles, but this particular opinion piecepiqued my interest. Once again, go read it. Firstly, I would like to say that it was other Republicans that called Mitt Romney a flip flopper, and while the democrats participated, and are participating in the name calling, it was during the primary, by other republicans, that the title was attached. As for the "indisputable Biblical teaching about marriage," that Huckabee mentioned, I would like to quote what Jesus actually said about homosexuals. I would like to, but I can't, as he never mentioned the subject. The damning of homosexuals came from Leviticus, who also damned pearls, braided hair, and clothing of more than one type of fabric. Leviticus allowed, however, the owning of slaves, so long as they were from neighboring nations. What's this about Obama not getting "whacked by press and pundits" when he mentions religion? What is this article? This is a classic press whack! The reactions at Fox whenever Obama does anything are severe, biased, and ridiculous. The statement that democrats change how they react to similar situations to suit their political needs, while true, is a hilarious statement when coming from Fox. That's what Fox does!
One word more, Mr. Huckabee. There is a c in Barack.

Entry IV
Bravo Mr. Trottier. Though not about America, this article is relevant, as we in America face many of the same issues. The idea that there is a "radical secularism" is something I have heard quite a few times (mostly from Fox, and we know how I feel about them),and is frankly ridiculous. The idea of a state where religion and politics are seperate, and religious institutions get no special treatment is most definitely not "radical." It is a wonderful idea, and a necessary idea.
As for Christians being the "most persectuted group in the world," this is silly. It's like a little kid getting mad when his parents scold him, while he continues to bully and harass his younger brother.
Yes, Christians are praised when they help the poor, that's because they're doing something good. Yes, the Christians are told to keep things to themselves when they start talking about "particular definitions of marriage or family," that's because no one wants you to push your values on them, they have their own, and have no use for yours. Your beliefs are your beliefs, I respect that; but the moment you try to bring me over to your way of thinking, or force me to act based on your morals, your beliefs, your religious restrictions, that's when you've crossed the line.