My Goal: Express to others that Hydrofracking puts our planet in danger. The risks of hydrofracking outweigh the rewards, and it should not be allowed in the United States unless a completely safe process can be established.

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Blog 1: Hydro-fracking is an issue that has come to my attention, and is a topic that is becoming a serious and controversial problem. The term hydro-fracking refers to the process of taking a mixture of water, sand and chemicals and spraying it at high pressure into a well, this widens the natural fractures in the bedrock and allows the natural gases to flow freely out of the formation. Many officials think that this is a necessary and beneficial process that will allow us access to more natural gas that we can utilize, however there is a very serious problem that comes along with hydro-fracking- when the gases are forced out of the rock, many of the chemicals and gases evaporate into the air, and this becomes a serious source of pollution. We are already facing serious consequences from the pollution that already exists, global warming is a growing problem that will have a great effect on our future. Earth was here long before humans were, and I am a firm believer that we are guests on this planet and should treat our surroundings with more respect; yes natural gas is something that is much needed as it is becoming rare, but why should we put planet earth at more of a risk than it already is at just for our own needs? (220 words)


Blog 2: The article that I read, titled: 'Albany Study Shows Rewards and Risks of Upstate Natural Gas Drilling' written by Mireya Navarro of the Times Union, goes into detail discussing the pros and cons of hydro-fracking, and although they emphasize on the fact that allowing the drilling would create thousands of jobs in New York State, I completely disagree with some of the main people featured in the article. Yes- obviously hydro-fracking is an extreme opportunity for increasing income as well as jobs, but is it really worth the risk? Nobody truly knows how much of an environmental hazard that hydro-fracking could prove to be. It not only could be a huge source of pollution for the planet's atmosphere, but it runs the risk of water contamination, as well as extreme changes to the surrounding landscapes. As they state in the article, our economy depends on tourism, agriculture and education, and we will no longer sustain our high levels of these if we have poisoned water and an industrial network of pipelines, as well as an extreme industrialization presence and increased traffic and lower air quality. Despite all of this information, some officials still want to proceed with allowing the drilling to occur, but to me it is clear that the risks greatly outweigh the rewards. (215 words)

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Blog 3: This news story covers a rally that was expected to take place in the Capitol for those who are against hydro-fracking, this rally was planned by hundreds of New York students, who want to make it clear to Governor Cuomo that they want him to ban hydro-fracking for good. The thing that most interested me about this story is that young people are taking a stand for something that they believe will have a negative effect on their future. One of the youth leaders discusses how it is clear that the drilling is bad for communities, and it is something she and many others do not want to have present in their home. Supporters of the drilling talk about how much of an economic boost the drilling would be, however in my opinion this does not matter. Rather than thinking about the negative impact it would have on our planet, people are being selfish. It is truly selfish to put our planet at risk for money that could be earned in a better and safer way. This isn't about resisting the government or resisting powers, this choice is about the future. Young people are affected by the choices made by those who are currently in power, and the environmental changes that we will experience as a result of the drilling is something that the youth will have to deal with as well. (232 words)

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Blog 4: This article was one of the longer and more detailed articles that I read, and there is a lot of controversy packed into it. Clearly, Governor Cuomo will have to deal with resistance no matter what decision he makes, but it appears that he is in an especially difficult situation considering he expressed to many that it was his main goal to create jobs in New York State, however he has also proved himself to be very environmentally aware and has shown concern over environmental problems. Those who are opposed to the drilling have made many attempts to sway Cuomo towards banning the drilling, however approximately $3.2 million from large companies has been spent in lobbying. Yes, it is clear that these companies are pushing Cuomo to agree to the drilling, but of course they are going to push for it, they have the most to gain! More access to natural gases means much more income for energy companies, and considering natural gas is becoming more difficult to access every day, allowing hydro-fracking would open up a whole new source of income for them! It is clear to me that large companies will benefit greatly from the gases that will be released from the drilling, but perhaps this time the government should listen to the average citizens with opinions this time, rather than the large companies who have a lot to lose in this situation. (235 words)

Source: Kaplan, Thomas. "Millions Spent In Albany Fight To Drill for Gas." The New York Times. The New York Times, 26 Nov. 2011. Web. 07 May 2012. <http://www.nytimes.com/2011/11/26/nyregion/hydrofracking-debate-spurs-huge-spending-by-industry.html?pagewanted=all>.

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Blog 5: This article, which comes along with a video, discusses a forum that was held in Albany discussing hydro-fracking and giving those who are closest to the issue a chance to speak on the subject. Citizens of Marcellus Shale are going to be most affected by the drilling, as most of the drilling would take place in this area. One citizen discussed the worries that she has about declining property values that would result from the drilling, and I believe she makes a very valid point. This is a point of view that I had not yet read about, but one that I believe has very solid ground to it. If New York State were to allow the drilling to take place, it would obviously give whatever area affected an industrial feel to it. Anyone who lives in surrounding area who wishes to sell their home, would most likely experience a decrease in the value of their home, because no family would want to move into a house where they're going to be surrounded by heavy machinery and drilling and constant pollution. Many officials continue to push, saying that the drilling will give us a huge economic boost, but have they really considered the money we will lose in other areas as a result of the drilling? Will we really be benefiting financially from hydro-fracking? (226 words)

Source: Chung, Lori. "Hydrofracking Forum Held in Albany." Www.ynn.com. 25 Apr. 2012. Web. 9 May 2012. <http://centralny.ynn.com/content/top_stories/581937/hydrofracking-forum-held-in-albany/>.

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Blog 6: This article, written by Glenn Blain of NY Daily News, discusses the reactions, of those who are a part of the Environmental Conservation group, as well as the reactions of New York Individuals and officials, to the report that was released by a small town in Wyoming, linking the contamination of some of the drinking water to drilling that had taken place there. Even with this report, officials in New York still attempt to push for the drilling to take place; why is it so urgent? If they truly cared about the environment at all, they would let environmentalists have all the time that they need to do more research about the risks of hydro-fracking. However rather than taking precautions and doing more research, they continue to insist that the drilling is safe and will be beneficial to our economy, with nothing to back this statement! How can they possibly inform the public that the drilling that we do in New York will be much safer and more efficient than what took place in Pavillion, Wyoming? They can't. I think that it is outrageous that officials continue to push for the drilling to take place without being fully informed on the true costs of hydro-fracking. Officials should stop insisting that they truly care about the environment and the effect that drilling will have on it, when they clearly continue to ignore the research that is being done on the damage that it can do. Our planet is already facing permanent damage due to the global warming effect, and the amounts of pollution that already exists are sky high, things like this are what is pushing us closer and closer to irreparable and dangerous amounts of damage of our world. (290 Words)

Source: Blain, Glenn. "Fracking Foes Get fuel from Report." New York Daily News. 10 Dec. 2011. Web. 09 May 2012. <http://articles.nydailynews.com/2011-12-10/news/30503253_1_fracking-natural-gas-gas-industry-officials>.

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Blog 7: This news story covers the problems that Governor Andrew Cuomo is facing as he comes head to head with the hydro-fracking controversy. In a speech that he made, in which he was expected to comment on the possibility of drilling laws, he made no comment at all, sidestepping the topic. When asked about the issue he simply said that they are waiting on facts, that he bases everything on facts. I find this hard to believe considering there have been reports on water contamination as a result of fracking, does he not consider an official report fact? Again many of Cuomos' fellow officials emphasize on how many jobs would open up and how much of an economic boost we would experience, but I see things from this point of view: If the fracking takes place and contaminates our water, and pollutes the planet to a point of no return, I find it hard to believe that the money and extra jobs will do us much good. (166 words)

Source: Mantius, Peter. "N.Y. Gov. Andrew Cuomo Sidesteps Natural Gas Hydrofracking Controversies." DC BureauDC Bureau. 11 Jan. 2012. Web. 09 May 2012. <http://www.dcbureau.org/201201116933/natural-resources-news-service/n-y-gov-andrew-cuomo-sidesteps-natural-gas-hydrofracking-controversies.html>.

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Blog 8: This article discusses the drilling that took place in Wyoming, and how it is effecting the decisions being made on the New York State drilling. One that that completely took me aback was the comment made by someone working for the energy company that was responsible for the contamination of water in Wyoming because of the drilling, he stated: ' his company didn't put harmful chemicals such as benzene into the soil around the wells, nature did.' Personally, this is a pathetic attempt to avoid taking responsibility for the fact that his energy company ignored the protocols for drilling and allowed chemicals to negatively impact the surrounding land. Yes, clearly there are substances in nature that can contaminate water, but I find it interesting that the water was completely fine until drilling began. For me, this just reiterates the fact that drilling is not something that we should be doing. Rather than spending time and money drilling for natural gas, perhaps we should dedicate more time and money to finding a cleaner form of energy, one that is safe as well as beneficial for the environment and those who live in it. (192 words)

Source: Robbins, Christopher. "EPA's Report On Hydrofracking In Wyoming May Influence Debate In New York." Gothamist. 11 Dec. 2011. Web. 09 May 2012. <http://gothamist.com/2011/1/11/epas_report_on_hydrofracking_in_wyo.php>.

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A recent anti-fracking rally took place in the Albany Capital-