Child Pageants
Maya Merrifield

My Goal: Is to have children under the age of 18 banned from doing beauty pageants.

Blog #1: My Opinion

I believe that we should ban certain age groups from participating in beauty pageant. It is really disgusting seeing these little girls dressed up as if they were 20 years old, and also it is really sad knowing that mothers\fathers could put their child threw this. These children are going to believe that their looks can take them anywhere, that their looks are all that matters. What if the little girl doesn't win? Their feelings will get hurt, and they might feel as if they are unattractive or not good enough. Why would you want to put your child threw all that stress? I would never put pressure on my kids to make themselves look better. Kids should be comfortable in their own skin; they shouldn't have to wear a pound of makeup to make themselves look "beautiful". We all need to put an end to these pageants, and help all kids believe in inner beauty because that should be the more important thing in their lives; not worrying if they are going to win a crown.


Blog #2: George Tyndale Thoughts

George Tyndale writes about the negativity of child pageants saying "modesty and childhood innocence have gone out of the window" and he builds up a good case to why beauty pageants for kids should be banned. He explains the different pageants they have around the world example: The Princess UK competition Tyndale says "this hideous kiddy pageant is open to girls aged from babies up to the grand old age of 13" why would you put a new born baby in a pageant? He also talks about how the parents force their child to do the pageants "hoping that their daughters will fulfill their own warped dreams of fame and stardom", but the moms won't listen to what he says they don't believe they're exploiting their children in anyway. France is deciding to pass a law banning children under the age of 16 from participating in these pageants and i believe now it's our turn to put our foot forward.


Blog #3: Pros AND Cons

Child pageants have both pros and cons; This article states that "some pageants are better than others, but most of the problems that occur are often the fault of the parents themselves, and not the pageant or pageant system".

  • Pageants are time consuming (children spend hours practicing)fitness-jobs-pros-cons.jpg
  • Kids spend hours in a chair getting their hair and makeup done (also they get spray tans)
  • Entering and being prepared for a pageant can be costly (1,000)
  • Sometimes pageant moms can be pretty nasty (some of the pageant parents think their daughter should always win)
  • Things you will need to purchase: The right shoes, socks, choker, and hair bow (to compliment the dress), Wigs, wiglets, and/or hair, along with a flipper to create that perfect smile
  • You'll likely have to pay someone to do the contestant's hair, makeup, and tanning
  • Children get comfortable being in front of crowds
  • Self confidence
  • Some contestants have made lifelong friends at pageants
  • Pageants can be a lot of fun for kids
  • If you win you could win a number of prizes

I don't really think that these "pros" over power the cons. There are many different ways these little girls can gain self confidence without entering these beauty pageants.


Blog #4:Laws

The pageant world is completely unregulated (despite being one of the fastest growing industries in the country). Child beauty pageants are exempt from any federal child labor laws, but children working in the film and television industry are tightly regulated. Author Amie Newman reasoning for this is that the different rules are set by individual pageant promoters, and it's difficult to set a state law regulating beauty pageants for children. According to this article Representative Annie Mobley has introduced a bill that would establish a regulatory body called the North Carolina Agency to Regulate Beauty Pageants for Girls Under Thirteen. The agency (consisting of 10 Congress-members) would look into the effects of beauty pageants on young girls and make recommendations based on the findings (such as how involved parents should be and what age is appropriate for these little girls to start participating in these pageants). I hope this bill gets passed; I'm excited to find out what would happen after they investigate that pageant world. Little girls are suppose to be cute not "sexy" and there is nothing cute about these little girls prancing around the stage in short dresses and fake hair.


Blog #5:The Murder of JonBenet Ramsey:

JonBenet Ramsey was six years old when she was found beaten and strangled to death in the basement of her family home on December 26 1996. There was no evidence of rape but sexual assault could not be ruled out, the official cause of death was asphyxiation due to strangulation and craniocerebral trauma. Media coverage of the case has often focused on JonBenet's participation in child beauty pageants and the unusual evidence in the case (her active role in pageants was highly question by media following the murder). Forensic investigators extracted enough material from a mixed blood sample found on JonBenet's underwear to establish a DNA profile, The DNA belongs to an unknown male (December 2003). Police have tested more than 150 DNA samples and still today have not found the murderer of JonBenet. Though it was not proven JonBenet's role in beauty pageants could be the reason for her death, child beauty pageants are like a wonderland for pedophiles. JonBenet would of been about 26 today.. We need to make sure this doesn't happen to any other little girls.


Blog #6:Toddlers in Tiaras

Toddlers and Tiaras follows families as they get their little girls ready for the big pageants. On this show to keep the children awake and ready to perform the mothers serve them a large amount of sugar; one way they do this is using pixie sticks also know as pageant crack. This show reveals what is really happening behind the scene of child pageants, and after watching this show I'm truly surprise that they still exist. I've actually seen a couple episodes from this serious and it disgust me how these little girl act; they run around like they own the place and if they don't get what they want all hell breaks loose. But the mothers, there even worse they want to be in the spotlight even more then the little kids do. One mother gave her daughter a mix of mountain dew and red bull because the "pageant crack" wasn't strong enough for her little girl this was at 9 in the morning! She defended doing this by saying "at least i don't make her drink alcohol".... what? Yeah that's a great excuse there lady.


Blog #7:Crazy Mothers and Their Affect

Most kids don't enter pageants at their own request, their mothers are the ones that fill out the applications, pay the participation fee, buy the outfits, create a performance for the talent section, get someone to do their makeup and hair, keep a strict rehearsal schedule, and hire a trainer to coach the whole thing. Why do the parents make them go threw all this; for them to have fun a play dress-up? Putting your child threw all this stress isn't good: they could become a first place chaser, a tiara collector, these pageants make physical beauty the main value in that child's life (this could even led to bulimia or anorexia), and finally these "three" year old girls' faces look sixteen they might attract pedophiles. There have been many murder cases of young pageant stars being murder because they post their pictures all over the internet. It's horrible, it's like the mothers are serving their daughters up on a silver platter.

Nine year old Chloe (from Texas) was forced by her mother to get her eyebrows waxed; Jamie Chloe's mother explained that doing this would help her daughter take home the crown.


Blog #8: Glitz vs. Natural


When people hear the words "children pageants" they usually picture little girls prancing around the stage in enough makeup to mistake them for a very small adult. The pageants where heavy makeup and grown up outfits are appropriate are called glitz pageants. Another type of pageant is know as natural pageants where absolutely minimal or no makeup is allowed and children must dress age appropriately.

  • Cash prizes for both competition
  • Participating fee for both competitions
  • There is a formal and evening wear section
  • Additional modeling and talent sections
  • Local and national competitions
  • Makeup is allowed and even encouraged in glitz pageants, minimal or no makeup under age 13 is allowed in most natural pageants
  • Glitz pageants commonly have a swimwear section, natural pageants don't
  • Children in glitz pageants wear wigs and often false teeth (when theirs are missing), In natural pageants, this is not allowed
  • Natural pageant rely on the interview mostly, while glitz mostly rely on the looks

While most natural pageants do have rules saying how much make-up a contestants may wear - the rules are usually very vague such as "Make up is allowed on contestants 3 and up, but please keep the child looking their age".



Which girl do you think looks more beautiful?


My Opinion on Child Pageants:

My opinion on child pageants is that I do not agree with them. I do not believe little girls should be in competitions that require full on caked makeup, spray tans and provocative outfits. Little girls should be playing with baribe dolls and doing normal things little girls would do, I also believe that pageants give false hope to many little girls, from shows that I have seen about child pageants, most little girls go in thinking they are going to walk away with a grand supreme title, and a good amount of cash, well when these little girls don’t win, they become brats, and this is partly caused because of the parents letting their child think they are better then all of the little other girls competing.