Goal: I believe that Abortion should be STOPPED and these are my reasons.

Blog 1: My Thoughts on Abortion

I personally believe that abortion should become illegal. Every child is a gift and shouldn't be terminated becauseanti-abortion-poster-23fawr6.png someone was careless and didn't use protection. Teenagers are the most likely to get abortions than any other age. New York has 25,810 abortions each year for teens ranging in ages from 15-19. That is the highest ranked state in of the United States. The reason why most teens feel that its okay to have unprotected sex is because of the availability of this procedure. Not only does abortion have to be surgical, but you are able to take a pill. This pill can only be used if you take it 9 weeks after the actual conception. Most teens use this method because it is cheaper then the surgical procedure. I feel like this pill should not be aloud on store shelves because of the easy access anyone of any age has to it. Even though pharmacy's say that you have to be 18 and older, most teens can easily use a fake ID or someone else to buy it for them. To stop this from happening I feel that this pill should be prescribed to the pregnant woman by a doctor only. By this happening it will hopefully stop some teens from having abortions.

Blog 2: Planned Parenthood Stops Getting Funded

Aboriton Article

I completely agree with not providing funding for abortions at Planned Parenthood. I feel this way because this particular state was abortion.jpeggetting their money to fund abortions from resident's tax dollars. That could cause a huge controversy because what if a specific person was against abortion but then their money was helping the cause? It would create the raise of a big problem. The article also talks about how the passing of this bill to stop funding for abortion may affect other people's health care that they may get from Planned Parenthood. Someone may not be able to receive certain services do to the lack of money that this organization gets. Honestly I believe this state made the right decision in passing this bill because I think it will end up doing more good then bad. It will stop Pro- Life people from contributing their hard earned money to something they don't approve of.

Blog 3: The Case That Made This Horrible Procedure LEGAL


The U.S. Supreme Court decided in 1973 after the Roe vs. Wade case was finished to make Abortion in the first trimester, legal. Roe's defense was that she was a unmarried women living alone in Texas and that it was against her civil rights to deny her the abortion. I personally think that her first defense didn't really matter. Just because she was unmarried doesn't make her incapable of taking care and raising a child, many woman do it. However her second defense I agree with. Denying a woman and abortion is against their civil rights, but I believe that there's another way around that so no ones rights are violated. Adoption. Instead of an abortion, put the baby up for adoption. I feel like in Roe's case that what she should have done to begin with. The other defendant that was getting tried at the same time for breaking the law regarding abortions was, Dr. Hallford. His practice was in Texas where giving abortions was illegal, but that didn't stop him. He continued doing this procedure on woman and ended up getting caught. I couldn't believe how he got away with doing this. Wouldn't the woman know that it was illegal and that they could end up in a lot of trouble? It's crazy but thankfully Dr. Hallford lost his case because he deliberately brought the law.

Roe vs. Wade Article

Blog 4: Choose Adoption NOT Abortion


I think that if making abortion illegal will go against peoples rights, then I feel like adoption should become the solution. Instead of a women terminating her pregnancy, I think she should just give the child up for adoption and given to a family that can take care of it. By this becoming the solution it would give a family that maybe can't get pregnant and have a child of their own, the gift of a baby. This would stop abortion from even becoming an option. I know it may be difficult for some woman to go through and have the baby because of the reason maybe why they got pregnant but I feel like choosing adoption would make everyone happy. The woman that got pregnant doesn't have to keep the baby and then the baby would be happy simply because they get to live. I would love for woman to start considering adoption and stop considering abortion.

Blog 5: Religious Views on Abortion

Religous Views


The main reason why Christians fight so hard to stop abortion is because they believe that life starts in the womb. The bible states that in God's eyes, an unborn child is just as human as one that is born. Christians then believe that the fetus should get the same civil rights that everyone else receives. Also in the bible are the Ten Commandments. One of the commandments states, "Thou Shall Not Murder",and that's just what Christians think abortion is, murder. No matter what stage of pregnancy a women is in, it is a child and shouldn't be killed for any reason. "When does life start?" is the question that makes this topic so controversial for many different groups of people. Christians wonder if us, the already born can decide such an important question. Us Christians try and stop people from having to answer that question by creating solutions that will help. Christian communities offer many different ways to help women in this certain situation. They offer rooms and funding to women when having and caring for there child. Christians mainly feel that women shouldn't have to choice between her baby and her.

Blog 6: A Woman's Story



After reading this woman's story, I personally felt extremely saddened because she was pressured by others to get the abortion. Even though it was her decision in the end, her boyfriend Bob was really the only other person she could talk to about what to do. Since he didn't want the child, she really had no other choice but to go through with the abortion. In this woman's case, now she's screwed for the rest of her life. Since the procedure had a complication, now the woman is unable to ever have kids. This story shows the extreme dangers of having an abortion. This however proves my point even more on how abortion should be stopped. If this woman would have gone through with the pregnancy and had the baby but then given it up for adoption, both her and her boyfriend would be happy. Bob would have still got what he wanted, which was to not have a baby at 19 and she would still be able to have children when she gets older. I feel like every woman that is debating on having an abortion should read this article because it shows how an average woman's life can change drastically from one bad decision.