My Goal: I hope that the government creates a process that allows for an easier way to pay for higher education.

Blog #1-Did you know... that students who choose to pursue a higher education are facing years of students loans that in most cases that take many years to pay off? Well this is the sad truth and we have no
one to blame but the various universities and colleges that demand our money in turn for us gaining knowledge. As a younger generation we are taught that we go to high school then go to college. I thought that everyone went to college when I was younger and now I see the reality that what I believed was not true at all. Many people do not get the privilege to go because the price is too high. I don't understand why college is so expensive! Our society needs people to go to college and get a higher education so they can be prepared to go into the workforce. If people start deciding not to go to college because they can't afford it then the society as a whole will suffer. Either college needs to become cheaper or it needs to become easier to get money to help pay for the high cost of education.

Blog #2-Ain't That The Truthexternal image a490bfae-147c-4e53-b0eb-7d3a601c6e6e-college_costs.jpg

This article on published on February 8th 2012 discusses the issue of rising tuition prices for colleges. It is an issue that many people are affected by. I was so surprised when reading the article that according to the White House college tuition and fees are rising faster than overall inflation. That is crazy! No wonder it takes so long to pay off student loans. This is a huge problem for those students who have to pay for college on their own. Many students leave college with $23,000 or more in debt. Isn't it great that students can graduate college and before they even begin making money they are already in debt? Before we can get started we are already being dragged down by the over bearing pressure of student loans. I liked how this article really brings to light the reality of rising tuition costs and the negative effect it can have on the students who just graduated. How do the colleges expect young adults who are getting ready to start life on their own to be able to pay back such large amounts of money? It just doesn't seem fair.


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Blog #3- The Most Expensive College in the US

external image Sarah_Lawrence_College_Gryphons_logo.gifSarah Lawrence is known as the most expensive school in the United States and based on the cost of admission I am not surprised. To attend this college is costs $58,716 before financial aid. Even though almost 2/3 of students receive financial aid this price is still ridiculous! I would never pay this much to attend a college nor could I afford to. I am paying back the students loans on my own and if I went to this college I would never get out of debt. This school claims that the overall experience and education you will receive at this school is worth every cent. Sarah Lawrence lets it future students know that they will recieve excellent faculty attention. The classes are very small with professors who have the highest degree in their field. Okay I understand you want a good professor who can teach you everything you need/want to learn but I am not willing to go and spend almost 59 grand on them. Are you really going to make me pay for a good teacher? Oh how could I forget to mention the customized education you can receive at Sarah Lawrence. As a student you get to design your own curriculum and receive a written evaluation in addition to grades for each course. So I pay extra for these awesome professors but they don't even create the curriculum? Are students really supposed to create a curriculum that is going to serve them best. The last thing that Sarah Lawrence brags about is the dividends after college. Apparently while at the school you learn to become a "flexible learner" which makes adjusting to the work force easier. I don't think this is the only college that teaches students how to be prepared for the future while giving them a good education. This school is way too overpriced and I would only think of attending this school if I was rich and could actually afford it.


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Blog #4- Oh Your Middle Class? Sucks To Be You

If you are in the middle class most likely you are going to be screwed on getting financial aid. As long as you are low income you are guaranteed money from the government to help pay for college. I understand that the government wants to help people who are low income pay for college but what about the people in the middle class? We need help too! Just because my parents work and are considered middle class it doesn't mean we don't need money to pay for school. My parent's financial situation shouldn't affect me getting money for college, since I'm the one who has to pay back the student loans. It is so wrong that I am punished for my parents having a good job. Due to the fact that many middle class students can't get help from the government they end up getting the money by taking out student loans. Most of the time it's the only option available for those kids who want to go to college but got no help from the government. Scholarships and grants are distributed starting with the low income families first. By the time it's the middle class family's turn all of the money has run out and they are out of luck. Those students who have parents who went to college and got a good job are now being punished for that very reason. I think the government thinks that parent's who work save up all of their money for their children to go to college but this is not the truth. Most parents don't even save a fund for college. There are so many other expenses that occur day to day that need to be paid off before money can be put aside for college. Maybe the government should think about that next time they don't offer money to a family because they are a part of the middle class.

external image middleclass.jpg


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Blog #5- The Hidden Costs Of College

The price of college is actually way more expensive than the original sticker price. Besides the cost of housing, tuition, and books you also have to factor in the extras that no one thinks about. How many college students go out on the weekends offexternal image magnifying-glass.gif campus? I would say the answer is most of them. Well these students have to pay to get off campus whether they use their car or public transportation. And don't forget about the money they spend while out. Back on campus Greek life is huge at most schools. Most people who are involved in Greek life pay anywhere from 1,000 to 3,500 a year to be a member. Not only do they have an annual fee but you have to buy apparel to support your organization and pay for charitable contributions. Parents weekend is another way they suck money from you. Parent's want to go see their children but when they book a hotel the prices are doubled and sometimes tripled. This is because the hotels know that the parents will stay there no matter what just so they can see their child. Some schools even make their students pay for sporting events! Can you believe that they have the nerve to charge someone who attends their school to get into a sporting event to support their own school? This is just crazy. Before most students even step foot on campus for the first time in the fall they are already equipped with everything they need to be on their own. New cell phones, laptops, refrigerators, and microwaves are just some of the things most college freshman bring with them when going to college. These are all big tickets items and when getting them all at once your bank account is going to feel the hit. Don't forget about the problem of getting home on breaks. Those students who choose to go away for school have to find an affordable way to get home for each break. It may sound easy but with the economy the way it is nothing is cheap anymore. These hidden costs can add up to thousands of dollars extra on top of the tuition price just to attend school. So next time you see the ticket price of a school, don't be fooled.


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Blog #6- Do You Know What Happened Eight Years Ago?

Only eight years ago Mr. and Mrs. Barack Obama just paid off their student loans! It took our own president of the United States and his wife over a decade to pay off their loans. They paid off their loans the same year that Barack ran for and won the senatorial race in 2004. During their time working to pay off their loans.

external image barack_michelle_obama.jpg

Michelle was working as an executive at the University Of Chicago Hospitals and Barack had been working as a state senator for seven years. In 2004 the family reported they reported that they made $204, 647 in taxable income for the year. Making this amount of money and only supporting the two of them it still took them until they were 40 and 42 to finally get rid of their student loans. I know that reading this fact about the President taking so long to pay off his loans it really makes me realize how long it will take to pay off the money I borrow using student loans. I really wish there was a way for students to be able to go to a good college without having the negative side effect of being in debt for a long time after. In the article it mentions that Obama is hoping to stop the interest rate for student loans from doubling on July 1st. I really hope he can make this possible becuse as a student who is going to have to take out loans I don't want to have to pay back any more money than necessary.


"Obama Reveals He and Michelle Only Paid off Their Student Loans EIGHT YEARS Ago." Mail Online. Web. 15 May 2012. <>.

Blog #7- This Can Happen To You

While reading this article I couldn't believe that this really happened to someone! Imagine going into your bank account to check the balance and find that you have no money left. This happened to the poor person in my story. All of the money that was in their account was legally withdrawn by a law firm representing the government in student loan default matters. This happened because they didn't make any of their student loan payments to help pay off their debt and in fact they ignored their student loan debt all together. external image StudentLoanDebt.pngThis is just a bad idea. When you take out student loans it is your responsibility to pay them back, not just ignore them and hope they magically disappear on their own. When you recieve threatening letters regarding your debt don't throw them out! Take responsibility for your debt and start making monthly payments. Student loans are a big problem for many students who just graduated from college but the bigger problem is for those who don't pay the debt off. It may be tough but you have to work very hard and SAVE the necessary amount of money for the monthly payments. With time your loans will slowly diminish but only when you take responsibility for your own debt.


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Blog #8- Make A Change!external image StudentLoan2.PNG

President Obama is finally trying to make a change in the horrible situation faced by billions of people every day, student loan debt. I think it is awesome that he is finally trying to change things to make college more affordable for everyone. Obama wants to hold colleges accountable for their success in lowering tuition prices, providing value, and serving low income students. I think that if colleges could receive an incentive for all of these things then there is a higher chance of them actually trying to make a change. The proposal of giving states $1 million in aid if they curb the high costs of education is a great idea. Maybe if this is enacted the price of instate and out of state tuition will be the same for both private and public colleges. Along with all of these changes there would be a boost in the amount of money the federal government will invest in the Perkins loan program from $1 billion to $8 billion. Doing this will allow more money to be distributed to high school seniors who are looking for money to help pay for their college education. I think that a plan to redistribute the money that goes towards paying for college is necessary. There are so many young adults who truly want to go to college and get a higher education but because of the high prices and lack of aid from the government their dreams may not become a reality. With the help of the government things can change for the better and as young adults ourselves we need to make the government realize how important it is for changes to be made asap!


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