Goal: My hope is that Mixed Martial Arts can become legal in New York

Blog #1: Mix Martial Arts should be legal

Having Mixed Matrial Arts banned in New York state hurts a lot of people, all of the people that participate in MMA that live in New York can only fight just to fight. They cannot get paid for the fights if they happen in New York because that would be illegal. Winning does nothing but give you a reputation, if you want to try and make it somewhere you have to go to another state. Then if you fail what do you do? It could be a lose lose situation but if it gets legalized in New York everyone will win. By legalizing MMA does not just help the fighters it also creates revenue for the state, this sport is very exciting and people will pay to come watch. Also how come boxing is not illegal in New York because boxing is still a form of fighting just bigger gloves and they fight in a ring instead of an octagon.

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external image Jones-Rampage_staredown_weigh-in_large.jpgBlog #2 Why New York?

New York is the only state in the country that has made MMA fighting illegal. By now New York should realize that the sport is not "barbaric" as former governor George Pataki once said, and this article reinforces a point i had earlier in blog 1. "Contrary to public opinion, mixed martial arts can be found in New York. Unsanctioned, untaxed and unencumbered by athletic commission oversight -- so long as alcohol isn't served and fighters aren't paid -- the sport can and does happen in the city." This came right from the article itself and just as i said people can fight but cannot get paid to fight which is mainly the reason people do these things. Fighting in these "underground leagues" just puts your name out there and who knows when you will get an opportunity to shine in the spotlight and make a career out of MMA fighting.


Blog #3
The more I begin to read about the ban on MMA in New York the more ridiculous it’s starting to sound. First of all how they have boxing, kickboxing, jujitsu, etc. any martial art is legal in New York except MMA, MMA is a mix between boxing and all other martial arts hence the name Mixed Martial Arts. In my opinion I feel that the state is stubborn about the ban and they don’t want to change it since they originally banned it in 1997. Maybe the state does not want to seem weak by giving in and undoing the ban but like I said in blog #2 New York is the ONLY state in the United States that has MMA banned. "As of yet, the house majority leader has not let it go to a vote and we're confident we have the votes that would make this become a law." This just shows how the states being stubborn.


Blog #4 Money opportunity

By legalizing MMA in New York the amount of money that would be

generated by the fights is a lot more than some people would probably think. According to a UFC study this sport promises to generate 16 million dollars from only two events in New York a year. 6.7 million From ticket sales, and 5.3 from direct event spending alone. All the statistics point towards legalizing it and the state just won’t budge; I feel bad for all the people out there in New York trying to fight MMA because until they pass this ban you cannot base your career off of MMA. A great story involving MMA was Frank Shamrock’s story. He was a troubled child and his home was filled with abuse and alcoholism, he left behind a criminal record and a tarnished marriage later on in his life by making a name for himself in MMA and he became an ultimate fighting championship superstar. Stories like this just don’t happen in New York because New York doesn’t give people an opportunity to write them.
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Blog #5 Pushing towards legalization of MMA
This article is saying that there is actually a chance for MMA to become legal in New York. The state is starting to look at the advantages in their favor like the TV presence it will create, “"We may be better off having strict regulation," the Manhattan Democrat remarked” this is a sign they are thinking of legalizing it. UFC is ready to hold one of the most historic venues for the arrival of New York once the ban is lifted; also they will hold fights in Madison Square Garden, Rochester, Syracuse, and Buffalo. The state is finally starting to come around on this ban and it’s great to see, if this bill gets passed to legalize MMA a lot of people will be happy including the state. I would also really like to see this be legalized MMA is fun to watch and you have to think people make careers by fighting MMA it is just another way to make money and if people want to risk fighting you should let them it’s their choice.