The Blog Project

Getting Started:

1. Read through this Wiki, page by page, using the navigation control on the left.

2. Get excited. You are on the ground floor of a technological experiment whereby many generations of Public Policy students will research topics that fall roughly within the scope of this class. Many will choose topics that you have chosen in the past. Future students will have the option to read and build upon what knowledge you leave behind for them when you graduate from this class.

3. Choose a topic from the "Topic's" page that you wish to gain greater insight into. This may be a topic of personal interest, or a topic where you hope to make a difference in the world by affecting our government's public policy.

Project Purpose- to provide you with the experience of being a part of the media and making a constructive contribution to society. Worth roughly 35% of your grade.

Method: You will create a personal WIKI dedicated to your topic and introduce your fans (myself and your classmates) to your opinions on this subject, as well as your sources of information (Provide URL addresses where possible). Over the remainder of this course you will research and write eight Blog entries in your WIKI that shows growth in your understanding of your issue's complexity. Additionally, you will be responsible for commenting/contributing to the readership of your classmates WIKI's. Because a WIKI is collaborative in nature, your posting should be supportive of your classmates, and helpful in aiding them to clarify their thinking. You will use the Discussion tab at the top of their page to leave commentary rather than disturb their page's content.

Your goal- to provide a blog of value to your peers or other members in society on a topic of interest to you. Your topic will fall within the broad scope of this class and must be pre-approved by me. While you are in this course, your work will remain private and out of the hands of the public (this site is password protected for your safety), but after the course has finished you will have one month to transfer your data to another site for public publication if you so choose.

1. May 09: Your WIKI should be created, topic refined and evidence of research through the posting of (two) 150 word blog entries. You will have two class periods in the Computer Lab to complete this work. No other new work will be assigned during this period, so if two class periods is not enough time, please complete this work outside of class.

  • 1st Blog: Write a 150 word entry that explains your interest and opinions on your topic prior to bringing in any further research.
  • 2nd Blog: If you completed Assignment #5 and one of the topics in that assignment is the same topic as you now have for this blog, you may "double-dip" and transfer that source article, and your writing for that assignment to this blog entry. The work should take five minutes if you were astute enough to hear me say this in the lab, and wise enough to choose a topic previously researched.

2. May 15: Your third and fourth postings should be complete, following the above guidelines, and the rubric below, so that your entries are polished and in proper format for viewing by others. See me with any questions you may have.

In addition, by the end of the fourth blog entry you should:

  • State a goal for your Blog at the top of the posting. By this time, your political opinion on your topic should be coming into focus.

  • Spend this Block exploring your classmates WIKI's. Read and post comments for their benefit. You may disagree politely, and even firmly, without insulting one another. A difference of opinion makes for good follow-up commentary by students who are authors of that WIKI page, and your comments can often lead to clarified writing.

3. May 17: You should have posted entry #5 & #6 by today, as well as have left three of six discussion comments to classmate's WIKI pages. If you received comments on your WIKI page from myself or a classmate, you will have, at a minimum, acknowledged the comment in a discussion response.

4. May 23: You should have posted entry #7 & #8 by today, as well as have left three of six discussion comments to classmate's WIKI pages. If you received comments on your WIKI page from myself or a classmate, you will have at a minimum acknowledged the comment in a discussion response.

End of Semester: The final piece of your Public Policy research and writing will be the creation of a piece of legislation that reflects your views on the issue. You will be instructed on the format of this writing piece on or around January 4th.


1. No personally identifiable information: Only give your first name and first initial of your last name. Do Not give your telephone number, address, social security number, pin numbers, etc.
2. Your photo is optional.
3. Your WIKI will be PRIVATE. This WIKI is protected, meaning that only members can view it. Your WIKI requires a member username and password to be viewed by others until you leave this course. All actions by members of this wiki are visible to other members, so behave yourselves.