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Tuesday, January 8

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    Which girl do you think looks more beautiful?
    THE END!
    My Opinion on Child Pageants:
    My opinion on child pageants is that I do not agree with them. I do not believe little girls should be in competitions that require full on caked makeup, spray tans and provocative outfits. Little girls should be playing with baribe dolls and doing normal things little girls would do, I also believe that pageants give false hope to many little girls, from shows that I have seen about child pageants, most little girls go in thinking they are going to walk away with a grand supreme title, and a good amount of cash, well when these little girls don’t win, they become brats, and this is partly caused because of the parents letting their child think they are better then all of the little other girls competing.

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Friday, January 4

Thursday, January 3

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    While reading this article I couldn't believe that this really happened to someone! Imagine going into your bank account to check the balance and find that you have no money left. This happened to the poor person in my story. All of the money that was in their account was legally withdrawn by a law firm representing the government in student loan default matters. This happened because they didn't make any of their student loan payments to help pay off their debt and in fact they ignored their student loan debt all together. {} This is just a bad idea. When you take out student loans it is your responsibility to pay them back, not just ignore them and hope they magically disappear on their own. When you recieve threatening letters regarding your debt don't throw them out! Take responsibility for your debt and start making monthly payments. Student loans are a big problem for many students who just graduated from college but the bigger problem is for those who don't pay the debt off. It may be tough but you have to work very hard and SAVE the necessary amount of money for the monthly payments. With time your loans will slowly diminish but only when you take responsibility for your own debt.
    May 2012. <>.<

    Blog #8- Make A Change! {}
    President Obama is finally trying to make a change in the horrible situation faced by billions of people every day, student loan debt. I think it is awesome that he is finally trying to change things to make college more affordable for everyone. Obama wants to hold colleges accountable for their success in lowering tuition prices, providing value, and serving low income students. I think that if colleges could receive an incentive for all of these things then there is a higher chance of them actually trying to make a change. The proposal of giving states $1 million in aid if they curb the high costs of education is a great idea. Maybe if this is enacted the price of instate and out of state tuition will be the same for both private and public colleges. Along with all of these changes there would be a boost in the amount of money the federal government will invest in the Perkins loan program from $1 billion to $8 billion. Doing this will allow more money to be distributed to high school seniors who are looking for money to help pay for their college education. I think that a plan to redistribute the money that goes towards paying for college is necessary. There are so many young adults who truly want to go to college and get a higher education but because of the high prices and lack of aid from the government their dreams may not become a reality. With the help of the government things can change for the better and as young adults ourselves we need to make the government realize how important it is for changes to be made asap!
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